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Boat Used In The Course (It's Your Classroom)

In 1979, NYSS became the first sailing school to use the J-24, it's a superb boat for racing, but we found it crowded, tipsy and unstable for beginners. So in 1981 we switched to the 23' Sonar - - even today it is still light years ahead of other schools teaching boats in comfort, speed, safety, maneuverability and performance.

Superior Classroom
    The Sonar can turn on a dime and tacks in 75 degrees. Tacking and gybing is easy with the non-overlapping jib and high boom. The Sonar gives you instant feedback when you trim the sails or adjust the helm. It's the Best Classroom Afloat.

Comfort, Safety and Stability

    You want a large cockpit since you'll spend 95% of the time in it. The Sonar's outstanding feature is the 11-foot long cockpit with deep seats, reassuring high angle back rests, and plenty of legroom. This means that 4 students will have room to handle sail trim and steering duties in comfort. Since the boom is high above your head, you'll learn without worrying about getting hit in the head. And, the 900 lb. keel provides a stable ride that allows students keep learning.

The Sailing Campus - Where You'll Learn To Sail

The School's Sailing campus is very important. NYSS's sailing territory prepares you to go sailing anywhere. You will be exposed to 95 percent of the sailing conditions that exist in the world. The moment you cast off your NYSS mooring, you'll be learning to sail in the center of recreational boating, the large Long Island Sound, with plenty of room to maneuver, limited commercial traffic and many interesting places to visit. We will teach you about rocks, buoys, right of ways, currents and tides - everything you will need to know to sail a boat anywhere. Don't take your sailing campus for granted.

Beware of the Hudson River.
    We tried to teach our students there and we were dissatisfied because:
  1. The strong currents, especially on light wind days, overpowered the boats. Students were sailing with the current instead of with the wind.
  2. The density of commercial traffic created an unsafe and scary learning environment for our students.
  3. There are few buoys in the Hudson. The lack of buoys limits opportunity to learn the buoy system.
  4. Introduction to charts and navigation (which is taught in our beginner course) is limited in the Hudson; the only navigation hazards are the numerous and imposing Commercial vessels
The strong current + heavy commercial traffic = very hazardous sailing

Beware of Lake Sailing
    Some students learn in uncluttered waters that allow them to concentrate on wind direction and sailing techniques. We call this lake sailing. In this sailing campus, student need not worry about running into rocks, buoys, shoals or anchored boats: and there are few or no currents to contend with. That's great, but if you 're not exposed to such hazards in a classroom environment, you'll never learn about them, leaving you totally unprepared for any sailing - except sailing in a lake.

Don't take your sailing campus for granted - Ask to see a chart of your
Sailing Campus before you enroll

Quality Sailing Time

NYSS avoid the pitfalls found in other programs that undermine the learning process.

Wasting Time Getting To Productive Sailing Waters.

    Let's face it, you should get extra time with an instructor when your time was wasted fighting the strong river current getting to your course area. All NYSS instruction takes place in reliable afternoon breezes, with plenty of pure sailing time. You're sailing in ideal waters (the Long Island Sound) the second you cast off your NYSS mooring.

Boat Rentals

Will you be able to sail a boat from the school that taught you?

Why go to a sailing school that won't trust you to sail its boats after teaching you? Think about it, these schools won't let you take your family and friends out for a day of sailing after they've taught you.

At NYSS, you will learn how to sail because we let you sail our boats after we teach you how. We have that much confidence in our ability to teach you how to sail that we let you sail our boats after your graduation.

What Is The Student / Instructor Ratio

At NYSS we never place more than 4 students on board with each ASA Certified instructor. Two other Metro NY schools have 3 students per boat. It is a great marketing catch but here is how we view it.

At NYSS we tried this format and we abandon it because we found that students in boat that have 3 students learn less and were more tired than boats that had 4 students in them. Why?

In 4 to a boat instruction format, students rotate through 4 positions about every 20 minutes, one position is devoted to watching the other students working the jib, main sail, tiller, doing chart work and resting (taking a break and enjoying sailing). We found that this practice of giving students breaks from sailing functions actually help them learn quicker because they were not tired during the last 2 hours of the class and they reinforced their learning process by watching how their shipmates were performing their duties.

In 3 per boat teaching, all the students are working, and let face it, sailing is tiring to beginner students because they are not use to sailing for close to six hours

Finally, NYSS policy is to teach people how to sail confidently so that they can take our boats out for a day sail with friends. If you need more time in learning, we put you into another class session with an instructor FREE. That philosophy is the main reason why we are still in existence.

Guarantee / Credentials

At NYSS, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We want you to have fun, learn how to sail and tell your friends about us. That is how we have been successful for so many years. You will get special attention and help as needed on individual basis.

NYSS has won the ASA "School of the Year" award 4 times. The toughest possible critics - thousands of NYSS ASA sailing school graduates who evaluated the schools they attend, decide the winner.

Our Philosophy is to teach you how to sail and to keep you sailing, we will spent whatever time it takes to give you the confidence to take your friends sailing with you at the helm - it is that simple.

22 Pelham Road, New Rochelle, NY 10801-5753 - Voice 914-235-6052 - E-mail sailing@nyss.com