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    Course information:

    Who should take the course?
    This course is for the beginner with little or no experience. Age 16 and up.

    What will you achieve?
    You will gain a basic functional knowledge of sailing.

    Videos - Right click on link to download.

    Part one
    Part two

    How is the Course Structure?
    Sat and Sun AM Session 9AM-1PM on the water - 1PM-2PM classroom.
    Sat and Sun PM Session 12PM-1PM classroom - 1PM-5PM on the water.
    Friday 10-2PM on the water - 2PM-3PM classroom.

    What sailboat?
    Sonar 23 - The Sonar's outstanding feature is the 11-1/2 -foot long cockpit with deep seats, reassuring high angle back rests, and plenty of legroom. This means that 4 students will have room to handle sail trim and steering duties in comfort. Since the boom is high above your head, you'll learn without worrying about getting hit in the head. And, the 900 lb. keel provides a stable ride that allows students keep learning. Compare the large cockpit of the Sonar to other school's boats.
    Remember, the boat is your classroom; you should be comfortable in it.

    How many students on the sailboat?
    At NYSS we try place 4 students on board with each ASA Certified instructor. In 4 to a boat instruction format, students rotate through 4 positions about every 20 minutes, one position is devoted to watching the other students working the jib, main sail, tiller, doing chart work and resting (taking a break and enjoying sailing). We found that this practice of giving students breaks from sailing functions actually helps them learn quicker because they are not tired during the last 2 hours of the class and they reinforced their learning process by watching how their shipmates are performing their duties.

    Where will you sail?
    The School's Sailing campus is very important. NYSS's sailing territory prepares you to go sailing anywhere. You will be exposed to 95 percent of the sailing conditions that exist in the world. The moment you cast off your NYSS mooring, you'll be learning to sail in the center of recreational boating, the large Long Island Sound, with plenty of room to maneuver, limited commercial traffic and many interesting places to visit. All NYSS instruction takes place in reliable afternoon breezes, with plenty of pure sailing time. You're sailing in ideal waters (the Long Island Sound) the second you cast off your NYSS mooring.

    What can you do after finishing the course?

  • Upgrade to 2 Day Course for additional $100.
  • Upgade to our Master's Course for additional $650.
  • Total Course Price - $200

    Materials: - Master's Course Textbook (pdf)


    22 Pelham Road - New Rochelle NY 10801-5753 - Voice 914-235-6052 - E-mail sailing@nyss.com